What does Normcore mean?

Fashion trend of wearing plain and simple clothes

Normcore is a unisex fashion trend that opts for simple, neutral, and non-descript outfits. It’s all about keeping things plain and not following the ever-changing, often expensive fashion trends. It’s a mix of the words ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’ and has become a go-to style for many who prefer not to draw attention through their clothing.

More than just a fashion choice, Normcore is seen by some as a lifestyle or an attitude. It’s about embracing the freedom that comes with not trying to be special or unique. It’s a way to push back against the hipster culture that places a high value on standing out and being different.

Sometimes, you might come across the term written as ‘norm core’. Whether it’s written as one word or two, the meaning remains the same. It’s all about simplicity, comfort, and not trying to impress anyone with your fashion choices.

Example for using ‘Normcore’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of this new fashion trend called normcore? πŸ˜„

Yeah, I have! It’s all about wearing plain and neutral clothes, right? πŸ§₯

Exactly! It’s like going against the idea of following the latest fashion trends. 😎

I totally get it. Sometimes it’s nice to just be comfortable and not worry about standing out. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ