What does Notifried mean?

Fed up with getting notifications

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless notifications on your phone or computer, you’re Notifried. This slang term describes the feeling of being worn down by the constant alerts from unread messages, social media posts, bill payments, smart device status updates, app updates, and even appliance maintenance notifications.

As we increasingly merge our lives with technology, through smartphones, the internet, and smart home devices, we’re often bombarded with more notifications than we can handle. For instance, within a span of a few seconds, you might receive a text message, a prompt to close your garage door, and a direct message on Instagram.

To deal with this overload, many notifried individuals choose to mute their notifications. Others go a step further, disconnecting their phones from their smart devices or even deleting apps entirely to escape the constant alerts.

Example for using ‘Notifried’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m so notifried today! 😫

I feel you! It’s like my phone won’t stop buzzing. πŸ“±

I know, right? I’ve got messages, social media notifications, and reminders all popping up at once. πŸ“©πŸ“²

Tell me about it! I had to mute most of my notifications just to stay sane. πŸ”‡