What does Nowish mean?

Around the current time

Ever been in a situation where you’re asked for an exact time and you’re just not sure? That’s where the term “nowish” comes into play. Nowish, said like “now-ish,” simply means “around this time.” It’s a handy term for when you can’t provide a definite answer but know it’s somewhere near the present moment.

This slang is a mashup of the word ‘now’ and the suffix ‘-ish’, which is often tacked onto the end of words when there’s a bit of uncertainty involved. It’s a common trick people use when they’re not exactly sure about their answer but want to give a rough idea.

While you’re more likely to hear nowish in spoken conversation, you might also see it in text messages or online chats. It’s a quick, easy way to convey a sense of ‘soon, but not exactly now’.

Example for using ‘Nowish’ in a conversation

Hey, are you almost here?

Yeah, nowish. Just a few more minutes!

No problem, take your time!

Thanks, see you soon! 😊