What does Nuff mean?

‘Nuff’ means ‘Enough’

‘Nuff’ is a slang term, and it’s basically a fun, shorthand way to say “enough”. It’s used when you want to express that you have plenty or more than you need of something. For instance, if you’ve enjoyed a big meal, you might tell your friend, “I’ve got nuff pizza in me to last till next week. I can barely move!”

But ’nuff’ isn’t just about food or things. People also use it when they’re fed up with a situation or a person. So, if your sister is driving you crazy, you might say, “I’ve had nuff of Sarah. She’s really getting on my nerves!”

And sports fans might use ’nuff’ when they’re tired of their team’s bad performance. For example, if your favorite football team keeps losing, you could say, “nuff of these defeats. I gotta find a better team to support.”

So, the next time you want to say “enough” in a more casual and slangy way, remember to use ’nuff. It’s a handy word to know, whether you’re talking about food, people, or even sports teams!

Example for using ‘Nuff’ in a conversation

I’ve had nuff of this rain. It’s ruining my plans β˜”

I know, right? I just want some sunshine for once! β˜€οΈ

Tell me about it! I’ve had nuff of this gloomy weather. 😩

Totally agree! Let’s book a sunny vacation ASAP! πŸ–οΈ