What does Nuthin mean?

Nuthin’ stands for Nothing

Nuthin is a relaxed, informal way to say “nothing.” It’s a play off the original word based on how it might sound when spoken quickly or casually. This term can show up anywhere – in a text message, on social media, or even in face-to-face conversation.

Here’s an example: Imagine your friend, Alex, asks you about your plans for the evening. You might respond, “Nuthin, just thinking about gaming a bit.” This means you don’t have any specific plans.

Or, consider this situation: Your sister, Lisa, sends you a text asking for suggestions for your mother’s upcoming birthday gift. You might reply, “I’ve got nuthin.” This means you don’t have any ideas or suggestions at the moment.

Another scenario could be a post on social media. For example, someone might post, “It bugs me when people talk behind my back and then they’ve got nuthin to say when I ask them about it.” This means when confronted, the people talking behind their back have nothing to say.

Example for using ‘Nuthin’ in a conversation

Hey, what you up to?

Nuthin, just chillin. What about you?

Same here, got nuthin planned for the day.

Cool, maybe we can hang out later then.