What does OB stand for in gaming and sports?


In both sports and gaming, ‘OB’ is a commonly used acronym that stands for out-of-bounds. It refers to the area that lies outside the designated playing field.

In several sports and video games, there’s a set play area. If a player steps out or goes beyond this area, they’re said to be out-of-bounds, or ‘OB’ for short.

Going ‘OB’ usually results in a penalty for the player. In digital games, the player might lose a life or health points. In physical sports, the usual consequence is losing ball possession or halting the game clock.

In the game of golf, if a player hits the ball and it lands ‘OB’, they are likely to lose a stroke. This is another example of how the term ‘OB’ is used in various play situations.

Example for using ‘OB’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that soccer match yesterday?

Yeah, it was crazy! Did you catch that shot that went OB?

Oh yeah, that was intense! They lost possession because of that.

Definitely. OB shots can really change the game.