What does OGW stand for?

Oh gosh why

Wondering what OGW stands for? It’s a simple acronym used in casual conversations which translates to ‘oh gosh why’. This term is often used to express surprise or disapproval in response to an unexpected or troubling situation.

Let’s imagine, you tell your bestie, Jenny, that your partner has decided to end things. Chances are, you’ll get an ‘OGW’ in response. This shows that Jenny is surprised by the news and wants you to spill the beans about the break-up.

Or maybe you share with your friend, Mark, that you’re planning to survive solely on McDonald’s burgers for the next few weeks. You can bet on receiving an ‘OGW’ from him. (And he’ll probably also get why your partner chose to split.)

OGW is a straightforward way to react to a shocking piece of news. So, next time you see ‘OGW’ pop up in your messages, you’ll know exactly what it means!

Example for using ‘OGW’ in a conversation

Friend: Just found out my favorite ice cream place closed down 😭

Me: OGW! That’s terrible! I know how much you loved their ice cream 🍦

Friend: Yeah, I’m so bummed. Now I have to find a new go-to spot. Any suggestions?

Me: Definitely! How about trying the new gelato place downtown? I heard they have amazing flavors! 🍨