What does OINK stand for?

One income, no kids

OINK is not just the sound a pig makes, it’s also an acronym used on social media and online forums. It stands for “One Income, No Kids” and describes individuals or couples who have a single source of income and no children.

Most often, this term applies to young professionals who are starting out in their careers. However, it can also describe couples where only one person is working, while the other may be jobless, disabled, or simply choosing not to work.

Similar to OINK, there are other terms used to describe different financial situations. For example, SINK is used when a single person has an income but no kids. Couples with dual incomes and no kids are referred to as DINK.

In case the person or couple has a pet dog, additional terms come into play. They could be referred to as SINKWAD, OINKWAD, or DINKWAD, depending on their income situation.

Example for using ‘OINK’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah and Mark?

No, what’s up?

They just bought a new house. They’re officially OINK now!

That’s awesome! One income, no kids, and a new home. They’re living the dream. πŸ˜„