What does Oiy mean?

‘Oiy’ is slang for ‘Hey’

‘Oiy’ is a slang term popular in Britain and Australia, functioning similarly to the word ‘hey’. It’s a casual, friendly way to say hello or grab someone’s attention.

For instance, if your buddy named Sam enters a room, you might simply say, “Oiy, Sam!”. This is a casual, friendly way to acknowledge his presence.

However, using this term isn’t only limited to greetings. If Sam doesn’t notice you at first, you can raise your voice and say, “OIY, SAM!“. By doing so, you’re using ‘oiy’ to get his attention.

Example for using ‘Oiy’ in a conversation

Oiy! How’s it going?

Hey! I’m good, thanks. How about you?

Oiy! I’m great. Wanna catch up this weekend?

Sure! Oiy, let’s grab some coffee on Saturday.