What does OJ stand for?

Orange juice

Simply put, ‘OJ’ is a popular slang term that stands for the tasty, nutritious drink we all know as orange juice. It’s an acronym that’s frequently used, especially during breakfast time conversations.

Picture this: you’re waking up in the morning, feeling a little groggy. What’s better than a fresh squeezed glass of OJ to start your day off right? It’s a refreshing, energizing drink that’s packed with vitamins.

So, next time you’re at a breakfast gathering and someone asks if you’d like some ‘OJ’, they’re not talking in code. They’re simply offering you a glass of delightful, citrusy orange juice.

Example for using ‘OJ’ in a conversation

Hey! Want to grab some OJ?

Sure! I could use a glass of orange juice. 🍊

Meet you at the cafe in 10? β˜•οΈ

Sounds good! See you there. πŸ˜„