What does Omaha mean in NFL slang?

Switch in plans

Ever wondered why so many people say ‘Omaha’ when they’re changing their plans? Here’s what it means. This phrase got its fame from the football field, specifically from former Denver Broncos Quarterback, who we’ll call PM for the sake of this explanation. PM would often shout ‘Omaha’ at the line of scrimmage as he was about to change the play. It was his unique way of signaling a play change or ‘audible’ to his teammates.

Over time, this football lingo made its way off the field and into everyday conversation. Today, the term ‘Omaha’ is used by many as a shorthand way to say ‘change of plans’. So, if someone says ‘Omaha’, they’re likely not talking about the city in Nebraska. Instead, they’re letting you know that something has changed.

And there you have it. The next time you hear someone say ‘Omaha’, you’ll know they’re not planning a trip to the Midwest. They’re simply signaling a change of plans. It’s pretty cool how a football term can become part of our everyday language, isn’t it?

Example for using ‘Omaha’ in a conversation

Hey, are we still meeting for lunch today?

Omaha! Change of plans. Can we do dinner instead?

Sure, no problem! What time works for you?

How about 7 PM?