What does OMC stand for?

Oh my Carlisle

OMC is an acronym that stands for “oh my Carlisle.” This is a fun twist on the popular phrase “OMG,” used when something surprising or exciting happens. But instead of “God,” Twilight fans use “Carlisle,” named after the head honcho of the Olympic coven from the Twilight series.

The term isn’t used that often, because it’s mostly Twilight book or movie lovers who use it. It first popped up in the late-2000s, around the same time the series was at its peak. Usually, you’ll see it used as a reaction to something that’s amazing or unexpected.

Although it’s a pretty niche term, anyone from teens to adults who enjoy Twilight might use OMC. You’ll probably run into it in text messages between friends who are fans of the series, or in online spaces like Twilight-related discussion boards or chat rooms.

Example for using ‘OMC’ in a conversation

OMC! Did you see the new “Twilight” movie trailer? It’s amazing! 🀩

I know, right?! OMC, I can’t wait to watch it! πŸ™Œ

OMC, I just finished reading the “Twilight” series again. It’s so good! 😍

OMC, I’ve read it like three times already! It’s my favorite! πŸ˜„