What does OMGWTFBBQ stand for?

Oh my gosh, what the f***, barbeque

OMGWTFBBQ is a comically long acronym used in a sarcastic manner when someone uses too many cryptic abbreviations. This bizarre acronym is a blend of OMG, WTF, and BBQ.

Its meaning isn’t widely known due to its length and ambiguity. Most of the time, it’s used as an annoyed response rather than to convey any particular message.

There are other similar lengthy acronyms floating around the web, such as BTWITIAILWY, ROFLMBWAO, and BFFLTDDUP. These are examples of people taking abbreviations to their hilarious extremes.

Example for using ‘OMGWTFBBQ’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Hey, did you see that tweet by @InternetQueen? She was using so many acronyms, I couldn’t understand a thing! 😫

Friend 2: OMGWTFBBQ! I know, right? It’s like she invented a whole new language! 🀯

Friend 1: Haha, totally! I had to Google some of them just to figure out what she meant. πŸ€”

Friend 2: Yeah, BTWITIAILWY, I don’t have time to decipher secret codes. Keep it simple, people! πŸ˜‚