What does OML stand for?

Oh my Lord

OML is a slang acronym that stands for “Oh my Lord”. It’s just like OMG, but with a little twist. Instead of “God”, you’re saying “Lord”.

When you say OML, it’s usually because you’re surprised or shocked about something. This could be because you’re really excited or scared.

The main difference between OML and OMG is the being you’re mentioning. Even though it’s not as popular as OMG, some people, especially in the South, might prefer using OML. They might say things like “Lordy”.

Example for using ‘OML’ in a conversation

OML, did you see that movie? It was so good! 😱

Yes! OML, I couldn’t believe how intense it was! 😮

I know, right? OML, my heart was racing the whole time! ❤️

OML, I was on the edge of my seat! I need to watch it again! 🎥