What does OMM stand for?

On my mind

When people have something they’re dwelling on, they often use the slang term OMM, which stands for “on my mind”. This can represent a single issue that’s been bothering them or a number of different things they are considering at once.

Conversations involving the term OMM can be initiated by using phrases like W^, sup, or wup. These are typically used to encourage the person to open up about what’s on their mind.

However, if they don’t seem ready to discuss what they’re thinking about, it’s often best to let them work through their thoughts on their own. This shows respect for their space and time to process whatever is OMM.

Example for using ‘OMM’ in a conversation

Hey, OMM. You doing okay?

Hey! Yeah, just have a lot on my mind lately. πŸ˜”

W^ Anything you want to talk about?

Not right now, thanks. Just need some time to think. πŸ€”