On The Button

What does On The Button mean in Baseball?

‘On The Button’ means ‘Hard hit ball’

If you’re into sports, especially baseball, you might have heard the term ‘On The Button’. This phrase isn’t about hitting a real button. It’s a way of saying that a ball was hit hard during a game. But don’t get confused, it doesn’t always mean the ball ended up as a home run.

Imagine this, a player steps up to the plate, swings, and the ball goes flying. If the ball was hit hard, that’s when you’d say it was hit ‘On The Button’. It’s very similar to another phrase you might know, which is ‘on the screws’.

However, just because a ball is hit ‘On The Button’ doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed score. The ball might be hit directly at a fielder, resulting in an out. So, while it sounds like a great thing, it’s not always a guaranteed win. Remember, in baseball, just like in life, hitting something ‘On The Button’ doesn’t always mean you’ll get a home run.

Example for using ‘On The Button’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that hit in the baseball game last night?

Yeah, it was on the button! 🎯

Totally! That ball was crushed!

For sure! But unfortunately, it went straight to the fielder. Out! πŸ˜”