What does OnlyPlans mean?

Always making plans for dates but never actually going on them

Imagine setting up numerous dates with someone who catches your eye, but none of them ever happen. This frustrating pattern is what we call ‘OnlyPlans’. This term, which ironically borrows from the name of the well-known content subscription site OnlyFans, became popular in 2022.

It’s not clear who first came up with ‘OnlyPlans’, but it’s a spot-on description of the disappointment you feel when you keep making plans for dates that never actually happen. Usually, these plans fall apart because of either a real or a made-up excuse.

For instance, if you’ve been trying to go out with the attractive person from next door, but your plans never work out, you’re stuck in the ‘OnlyPlans’ zone. If you want to escape this cycle, be bold and spontaneous – set up a date and make it happen right away.

Example for using ‘OnlyPlans’ in a conversation

Hey, are we still on for our movie night tonight? πŸŽ₯

Yeah, definitely! Can’t wait! 🍿

Actually, something came up. Can we reschedule? πŸ˜•

Sure, no problem. When are you free? πŸ—“οΈ