What does ONO stand for?

Or nearest offer

If you’re browsing online marketplaces, you might come across the term ONO. It’s used by sellers to hint that they’re open to offers close to their listed price. This doesn’t mean they’ll accept any offer, but they are flexible if the offer is reasonable.

There are other acronyms you’ll often see in online selling platforms. For example, sellers might use OBO, which means they’re open to offers even below their asking price. It’s a sign that they are really keen to sell the item.

Another one you might encounter is ONCO. This is used when the seller will only accept cash offers. It’s a clear sign they want a straightforward, simple transaction with no complications.

So, the next time you’re eyeing an item online and see ONO, remember it means the seller might accept an offer that’s less than the listed price. It’s a great opportunity to negotiate a better deal!

Example for using ‘ONO’ in a conversation

Hey, I saw this cool jacket online! It’s listed for $50, but I think I can get it for less.

Oh, really? How so?

Well, the seller mentioned ‘ONO’ in the description. It means they’re open to accepting offers lower than the asking price.

That’s awesome! So, you can negotiate and try to get it for a better deal.