What does ONYD mean?

Oh no you didn’t

ONYD is a quick way to write “Oh no you didn’t!” which became a favorite catchphrase in the 90s. It’s often used in messages or on social media to express shock or disbelief, and it could be used in a positive or negative way.

For instance, you might text your buddy “ONYD!” if they shock you with a story about telling their children that Santa wouldn’t bring presents unless they went to sleep. Or if your brother tells you he snagged a job promotion, you could reply, “ONYD! Way to go, dude!!”

When spoken out loud, “Oh no you didn’t!” is often pronounced “Oh no you dih-int” with a finger snap and a head turn to add a bit of flair. So, if someone sends you a message with “ONYD”, they might be trying to add a touch of sassiness to their message.

Example for using ‘ONYD’ in a conversation

OMG, guess what?! I just won tickets to the concert! πŸŽ‰

ONYD! That’s amazing! I’m so jealous! πŸ™Œ

Haha, thanks! Can’t believe my luck! 😁

You’re gonna have the best time ever! Enjoy it for me too! 🎡