What does OOTB mean?

Out of the box

When you spot the term ‘OOTB’, it’s shorthand for “out of the box”. This can mean a couple of things. It might be used to talk about features or abilities that come with a piece of software or device without any need for extra tweaking. Alternatively, it could refer to an item that’s just been unpacked from its packaging.

You’re likely to stumble upon ‘OOTB’ in a few different places online. It can pop up in tech forums or social media sites when people are discussing the specs of a gadget. For instance, someone might exclaim, “Wow, this photo editing tool supports all these different file formats OOTB!”

It’s not just limited to tech though. Folks might use ‘OOTB’ to highlight the impressive features of a car or a power tool that hasn’t been modified in any way. It’s a way of expressing surprise or appreciation for what a product can do straight off the bat.

Another place you might see ‘OOTB’ is on online marketplace platforms. Think eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Let’s say someone is selling a gadget. They might advertise it as “Just like new, OOTB!” to let potential buyers know it’s fresh from the box and hasn’t been used.

Example for using ‘OOTB’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a new phone!

Nice! What can it do?

It has an amazing camera that supports all these different image formats OOTB! πŸ“·