What does OP mean in gaming?


In the world of gaming, OP is an abbreviation for “overpowered”. The term is commonly used to describe game elements like characters, items, skills, or bosses that are excessively powerful and therefore, disrupt the balance of the game.

When a game element is labeled as OP, it isn’t seen as a positive thing. Gamers generally prefer games that are well balanced and require skill, not ones dominated by an overpowering feature. This is why developers often release patches to adjust and rectify any OP elements to maintain game balance.

For instance, in DOTA 2, a popular online game, new heroes are frequently introduced that initially seem OP. These heroes are later adjusted or ‘nerfed’ in subsequent updates, often after players have already bought them. A bit of a sneaky trick, right?

However, beware that the term OP is often misused, especially by those new to gaming (known as noobs). Frustrated players may hastily label a game element as OP just because they’re not performing well, but in reality, they might just be bad losers. So, take it with a grain of salt when someone calls something OP!

Example for using ‘OP’ in a conversation

Did you check out the new character in LoL? Dude’s totally OP!

Yeah, I heard. But aren’t they all OP when they first get added?

True. But this guy’s like next level OP. I bet they’re going to nerf him in the next patch.

Haha, probably. But until then, I’m gonna enjoy making everyone else rage quit!