What does Opa mean?

Exclamation used in Greece, ‘Opa’

If you ever hear someone shout out “Opa!”, it’s usually because they’re Greek or from a Mediterranean country and they’re feeling excited or maybe even a bit shocked. This is a word that doesn’t really have a concrete meaning, but it’s often used when something good happens.

But “Opa!” can be used in a different way too. It’s also kind of like when someone says “oops” or “ope”. It’s their way of showing surprise when they mess up. So, if someone sends you a message saying “Opa!”, you’ll need to look at what’s been going on to figure out if they’re happy about something good or if they’re upset about a mistake they’ve made.

Example for using ‘Opa’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just got a promotion at work! πŸŽ‰

Opa! That’s amazing! Congratulations! πŸ₯³

Thank you! I’m really excited about it. Can’t wait to celebrate this weekend. 🎊

Absolutely! Let’s go out for dinner and toast to your success! 🍾