What does OPM mean?

Other people’s money

When people chat online or send text messages, they sometimes use the term OPM, which stands for other people’s money. You might receive a message from a buddy saying, “He’s a big fan of spending OPM but hates parting with his own cash.”

OPM is a versatile term that can be used in various situations. Often, it carries a negative tone, particularly when discussing someone who can’t be trusted. You might be chatting about a former partner and express frustration over how they had a habit of gathering OPM through deceiving friends into lending them money.

However, it’s not always bad to talk about OPM. Sometimes, it can be a positive thing. People might use OPM to talk about a business loan or seed capital that helps get a new business off the ground.

Example for using ‘OPM’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you see that new restaurant opening up downtown?

Yeah, I heard about it! I heard they got a huge loan to start it.

Wow, really? They must be using OPM to get it off the ground.

Definitely! It’s a smart move to use other people’s money to start a business.