What does Opp mean?


Opp is a shortened version of the word “Opponent”. It’s a term that you might use when talking about someone you’re going up against in a game or competition, or even someone you’re competing with in life. It’s a common term in text messages, social media conversations, and online gaming.

When you’re in a competition, an opp is someone you’re trying to beat. This could be in any kind of competition – sports, card games, board games, quizzes, online games, etc. Usually, any rivalry ends when the game does, but sometimes the competitive spirit spills over and turns into a real-world rivalry. We’ve seen this in cases like when a goon hired by ice skater Margot smashed rival skater Christine’s knee.

In real life, an opp could be a work colleague who’s after the same promotion as you, or a neighbour who’s house always seems to look better than yours. In more serious situations, an opp could be a rival gang member or a mafioso. Films like Romeo and Juliet or The Sopranos show the kind of dangerous opps you’d want to avoid or deal with swiftly.

Example for using ‘Opp’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the game last night?

Yeah, I was rooting for the blue team. They crushed their opp!

Haha, true! They really dominated the field.

Definitely! It’s always satisfying to see your opp lose.