What does Oprk mean in Fantasy Football?

Opponent ranking

Oprk is a term you’ll often hear in the world of fantasy football. It stands for opponent ranking and helps players predict how well a particular footballer might perform against a specific defense in a given week.

This ranking takes into account the player’s position and the defensive strengths of the opposing team. For instance, if a running back (RB) is exceptional and he’s up against a team with a weak rushing defense, then his Oprk value will likely be a higher number.

The range for the Oprk value is between 1 and 32, representing each NFL team. If the matchup is favorable, the number appears in green. On the other hand, if the matchup is not so good, you’ll see the number in red.

So, in simple terms, Oprk is a handy tool for fantasy football players. It provides a quick snapshot of a player’s potential performance against an opposing team’s defense in the upcoming week. It’s one of the essential factors to consider when setting up your fantasy team.

Example for using ‘Oprk’ in a conversation

Hey, have you checked the Oprk for our running back this week? 🏈

Yeah, I did! It’s a great matchup! The defense is ranked 30th against the run. 🟢

Awesome! That means our RB has a good chance to score some points. 🙌

Definitely! I’m feeling confident about our fantasy team this week. ğŸ¤ž