What does OTA stand for?

Over the air

When we talk about ‘OTA’, we’re referring to the process of sending data from one gadget to another without needing any wires. It’s a term that’s often used when talking about automatic updates that are sent to mobile devices.

However, ‘OTA’ isn’t just about updating your phone or tablet. This term can be used for any situation where data is being sent wirelessly. So, whether it’s a file from your computer to your phone, or a song from your phone to a Bluetooth speaker, if it’s being sent without a wire, it’s ‘OTA’.

Example for using ‘OTA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you get the latest software update for your phone?

Yes, I did! It was an OTA update.

Nice! So, did it fix any bugs or add new features?

Yeah, it fixed some bugs and improved the battery life. It’s so much better now. πŸŽ‰