What does OTFLMAO stand for?

On the floor laughing my a** off

OTFLMAO is a lesser-known variation of the well-known acronyms ROTF and LMAO. It’s used when something is so funny that it makes you laugh out loud. Imagine you sent a funny cat video to your buddy, and they replied with “OTFLMAO!” That’s how it’s used.

It’s sort of a cousin to ROFLMAO, but instead of rolling on the floor laughing, you’re just on the floor. There are other similar acronyms too, like FOFLMAO, OMGROFLMAO, and LMAOTC. They all express the same idea – something is incredibly funny.

These kinds of acronyms exploded in popularity in the 2000s when texting and online messaging became more common. Everyone was coming up with new ways to express their laughter. Some of these, like LOL, became super popular. Others, like OTFLMAO, didn’t catch on as much, probably because they’re a bit of a mouthful to say!

Example for using ‘OTFLMAO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the dog trying to catch its own tail?

Haha, yes! OTFLMAO! That poor dog just kept spinning in circles!