What does OTG stand for?

On the ground

When someone uses the term ‘OTG’ during a conversation about a flight, it’s usually to let you know that their airplane has touched down. It’s an acronym that stands for ‘On The Ground’.

This term is especially popular among frequent air travelers. It’s a quick and easy way to convey that they’ve safely arrived at their destination and are no longer in flight.

So, if your friend John texts you ‘OTG’, you’ll know he’s just landed. This helps keep communication efficient and straightforward during air travel.

Remember, ‘OTG’ is a handy acronym to use the next time you want to inform someone quickly that your plane has landed safely.

Example for using ‘OTG’ in a conversation

Hey! Just landed! ✈️

Awesome! OTG? πŸ€”

Yep, OTG! πŸ™Œ

Great! I’ll be there to pick you up. πŸš—πŸ’¨