What does OTOH stand for?

On the other hand

OTOH is a commonly used abbreviation for the phrase “On the other hand”. This phrase is typically used when considering another viewpoint or angle on a situation. You’ll usually see it pop up in text messages or online conversations, especially when there’s limited space to type out full sentences.

The origin of this acronym is rooted in biology. The human body has two hands, each capable of performing tasks independently of the other. This independence is symbolic of looking at a situation from two different perspectives. So, when you see OTOH, it’s like someone is presenting a contrasting viewpoint, just as if they were using one hand differently from the other.

People use OTOH when they’re discussing the pros and cons of a situation. It’s a way to express a different opinion or perspective without saying “On the other hand” out loud. Instead, they’re typing or texting OTOH for the same effect.

Example for using ‘OTOH’ in a conversation

Hey, I found this cool new restaurant in town. The food looks amazing!

OTOH, the prices seem pretty high. Not sure if it’s worth it.

True, but they also have a happy hour deal from 5-7pm.

Hmm, that’s a good point. OTOH, I’m not a fan of crowded places during happy hour.