What does OTS stand for?

Off the subject

If you’re having a conversation and you want to switch topics, you might use the slang term ‘OTS’. This is a handy phrase you can use when you’re about to introduce a new subject that doesn’t have anything to do with what you were talking about before.

It’s a bit like the term ‘OT’ that’s used on online discussion forums. When someone posts something that’s ‘OT’, it means they’re going off topic or talking about something different from the main discussion.

So, the next time you’re having a chat and you want to change the subject, just drop in an ‘OTS’. It’s a clear and simple way to signal that you’re moving on to something new!

Example for using ‘OTS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new movie coming out?

Yeah, I saw the trailer! It looks so exciting! πŸŽ₯

I know, right? I can’t wait to see it! By the way, OTS, did you finish your homework?

Haha, good question! No, I totally forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! πŸ“š