Outkick Your Coverage

What does Outkick Your Coverage mean?

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend who is way more good-looking than you

If you’ve ever heard someone say you’ve ‘Outkicked your coverage’, you might have been a little confused. But it’s not as complex as it sounds. ‘Outkick your coverage’ is a term that’s used when you’re dating someone who’s way more attractive than you are.

The phrase has its roots in American football. Think about a time when the player who kicks the ball sends it too far, beyond his own team, and gives the other team a chance to get the ball and break free. That’s exactly what this term is about, but in a dating context.

When we say someone is “out of your league”, we’re talking about someone who is more attractive, has a better personality, or has more money than you. The person could even have all of these attributes.

So, if someone tells you that you’ve ‘outkicked your coverage’, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re putting you down. It could just be them acknowledging that you’ve managed to attract a partner who is quite a catch.

Example for using ‘Outkick Your Coverage’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Jake’s new girlfriend? She’s stunning! 😍

Yeah, she’s way out of his league! He really outkicked his coverage there. πŸ™Œ

Haha, I know right? He’s lucky to have her. πŸ€

Definitely! He must have some serious charm. πŸ˜„