What does Outta mean?

‘Outta’ is slang for ‘Out of’

“Outta” is a casual version of “out of.” It’s a popular choice in text messages, internet chats, and everyday speech as a shortcut, or to add a little style to the conversation.

You’ll often see ‘outta’ when people talk about leaving a place or explaining where something comes from. This word is well-known across different settings, from hip hop lyrics to sports commentary to your usual chit-chat.

For instance, when a baseball player scores a home run, you might hear the commentator say, “it’s outta here!” Or let’s say your brother confesses to your family at dinner that he quit college. You’d probably want to be outta there as fast as possible!

There are lots of two-word phrases that get shortened into one-word slang like this. Other examples include gonna (going to), dunno (don’t know), and imma (I’m gonna).

Example for using ‘Outta’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still at the party?

No, I’m outta there. It got boring.

Haha, I feel you. I’m heading out too.

Alright, let’s meet up and grab some food.