Own Goal

What does Own Goal mean?

A decision that backfires on you

An own goal is when a choice you make doesn’t go as planned, and instead, it causes problems for you. The phrase is borrowed from sports, particularly soccer, where it refers to a team accidentally scoring a goal against itself.

When we talk about an own goal outside of sports, we’re usually talking about a decision that has gone horribly wrong. It’s a situation where someone could have avoided the negative outcome if they had thought more carefully about what might happen.

Own goal is used to describe a situation where the result is the exact opposite of what was originally intended. It’s like scoring against yourself in a game – not something you’d want to do!

So, if you ever hear someone say they’ve scored an own goal, it’s safe to say things haven’t gone to plan for them. They’ve made a decision that has ended up causing them trouble, rather than helping them out.

Example for using ‘Own Goal’ in a conversation

I can’t believe I forgot to bring my lunch to work today. Now I’ll have to buy an expensive meal at the cafeteria. 😫

That’s an own goal for sure! You could have saved money if you packed your lunch. 🍱

I know, right? It totally backfired on me. Lesson learned, I won’t forget it again. πŸ™ˆ

Haha, we all make own goals sometimes. Just remember to double-check next time. πŸ˜‰