What does Pac-manning mean?

Pac-manning means driving down the center of the road

Ever heard of Pac-manning? It’s a phrase taken from the classic Pac-man video game where you chomp down on dots to score. The term has now found its way into our everyday language.

It’s used when you’re driving down the center of a road with dividing lines. It’s as if your car is Pac-man, with the lines being the dots. It’s definitely not something you should do when there’s oncoming traffic though – it’s not just illegal, it can be super dangerous too.

You might also see it spelled as “pacmanning”. No matter how it’s spelled, the meaning remains the same. So next time you’re driving, remember – no Pac-manning!

Example for using ‘Pac-manning’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that car driving in the middle of the road?

Yeah, they were totally Pac-manning!

Haha, it looked like they were playing the Pac-man game in real life.

Exactly! But it’s dangerous and illegal, they could cause an accident.