Paint The Corner

What does Paint The Corner mean in Baseball?

Throwing the ball right over the home plate edge is called ‘Paint The Corner’

If you hear someone say “Paint The Corner”, they’re talking about baseball. Specifically, this phrase is used to describe a pitcher’s skill at throwing the ball over the corner of the home plate.

Why “Paint The Corner”? Well, the edges of the home plate are black. So, when a pitcher can expertly hit this spot, it’s like they’re painting the black edge with the ball. It’s a sign of a pitcher with exceptional accuracy.

This term can also be used as “painting the corner”. It’s pretty much the same as another baseball term you might hear: “paint the black”.

So, next time you’re watching a baseball game and the commentator mentions someone “painting the corner”, you’ll know they’re praising the pitcher’s skill at hitting the exact spot they’re aiming for.

Example for using ‘Paint The Corner’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yeah, I did! That pitcher was amazing!

I know, right? He totally painted the corner with every pitch!

Definitely! His accuracy was on point.