Panny D

What does Panny D mean?

‘Panny D’ is slang for ‘Pandemic’

Short for “pandemic”, the term ‘Panny D’ is a slang that emerged during the COVID-19 crisis. The ‘Panny’ part of it is a light-hearted take on ‘pan’, while the ‘d’ stands for ‘demic’.

It started making rounds on the internet, primarily on social media, towards the end of 2020. The term is commonly used by teens and young adults, using it as a way to refer to the pandemic’s impact on their day-to-day lives.

Some people also shorten ‘Panny D’ to just ‘Panny’, dropping the ‘d’ as they find it redundant or unnecessary. However, be mindful that using ‘Panny D’ or ‘Panny’ might draw negative reactions from older generations who may dismiss it as typical millennial speak.

‘Panny D’ is just one in a long list of slang terms that have popped up in relation to COVID-19. Other popular terms include ‘covid’, ‘rona’, ‘quar’, ‘corona bump’, and ‘quaranfifteen’.

Example for using ‘Panny D’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the latest slang term?

No, what is it?

It’s called ‘Panny D’.

What does it mean?

‘Panny D’ is short for ‘pandemic’, specifically referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.