What does Paper mean?

‘Paper’ is slang for ‘Money’

‘Paper’ is another word for money, specifically referring to cash. This term gets its name from the material that a dollar bill is made from, which is actually cotton, not paper.

There are several other slang terms for cash, such as scrilla, bread, dough, and dead presidents. These terms are popular among different groups of people, including young adults waiting for their paychecks and drug dealers waiting for payments.

So, when you hear someone mention they need to get some ‘paper’, don’t get confused. They are not looking for stationery, they are talking about money.

Example for using ‘Paper’ in a conversation

Hey, can you lend me some πŸ’° for the concert tickets?

Sure, how much do you need?

I’ll need $50. Can you give me the πŸ’Έ tomorrow?

No problem! I’ll bring the πŸ’΅ when I see you.