Paragraph Texter

What does Paragraph Texter mean?

An individual who sends long messages

A Paragraph Texter is someone who tends to write lengthy, detailed responses when texting. These people are known for sending what we call paratexts – a text message that’s just as long as a paragraph, if not longer.

Dealing with a Paragraph Texter can be a bit of a hassle. This is because their responses take more time to come through due to their length. Not only that, but their messages also take longer to read because of how detailed they are.

Overthinking responses is another trait common in Paragraph Texters. They ponder on their answers for a while before hitting send. This can often lead to unnecessary and irritating text debates.

Example for using ‘Paragraph Texter’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s it going? 😊

Hey! I’m good, thanks! Just finished watching a movie. What about you? πŸŽ₯

Oh, I’m doing great too! Just came back from a hike with my dog. It was so refreshing to be in nature. 🌳

That sounds amazing! I wish I could go on hikes too, but I have a busy schedule. πŸ˜“