What does PCID stand for?

Putting clothes in dryer

PCID is a slang term you might see in text or online chat. It’s short for “putting clothes in dryer,” and it’s usually used by people who are busy doing laundry but still want to stay connected online.

This term is especially popular among gamers who need to step away from their screens for a bit. If you’re in the middle of a gaming session and a friend says they’re PCID, it means they’re temporarily stepping away to switch their laundry to the dryer.

But remember, someone who’s PCID isn’t going to be gone for long. After about an hour, they’ll have to go AFK (away from keyboard) again to finish the task, which in this case is TCOOD (taking clothes out of dryer).

So, if you’re planning a long gaming session, be prepared for the possibility of short breaks when your friends need to take care of their laundry.

Example for using ‘PCID’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to play some games?

Sorry, not right now. PCID 🧺

Oh, no problem! Just let me know when you’re back.

Sure thing! I’ll TCOOD soon. πŸ‘