What does PCM stand for?

Please call me

When you get a message with the term ‘PCM’, it’s an abbreviation for ‘please call me’. It’s a request from someone who wants you to ring them up.

If the ‘PCM’ message also includes a specific time, it suggests that you should make the call at that exact time. If no time is mentioned, it implies that you should contact them as soon as you can.

‘PCM’ is typically used when someone wants to discuss something important or complex with you, something that would be better understood through a direct conversation than through a text message.

So next time you receive a ‘PCM’, remember it’s your cue to dial that person’s number for an important chat.

Example for using ‘PCM’ in a conversation

Hey, can you PCM? I have something important to discuss. 😊

Sure, what’s up? πŸ€”

I need your help with planning my birthday party. Can we talk about it? πŸŽ‰

Of course! When do you want me to call? ⏰