What does PCP stand for?

Primary care physician

PCP is a term that’s commonly used in the healthcare field. It’s an abbreviation for the medical professional who is usually the first one to see a patient when they’re not feeling well or have a symptom they can’t explain. This person plays a key role in any Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan.

PCP is short for ‘Primary Care Physician’. This doctor is not just for when you’re sick, they also help you stay healthy. They do this by focusing on preventive care. It’s like they’re your health coach, guiding you to make good choices that will help you stay well.

So, if you hear someone talk about their PCP, they’re talking about their main doctor. The one they go see first, whether they’re sick or just want to stay healthy. It’s a simple term, but it has a big meaning in the world of healthcare.

Example for using ‘PCP’ in a conversation

Hey, I’ve been having this weird pain in my stomach. Any idea what it could be?

You should definitely see your PCP about it. They’ll be able to help you figure it out.

What’s a PCP?

Oh, sorry! PCP stands for Primary Care Physician. It’s the doctor you usually go to first when you have a health concern.