What does Peeps mean?

‘Peeps’ is slang for ‘People’

Peeps is a fun and casual way to refer to people, particularly your friends or those you’re familiar with. It’s basically taking the “peep” from “people” and adding an “s” at the end.

This lingo, however, is not suitable for formal or professional contexts. It’s more suitable for relaxed, informal situations where everyone knows each other well.

One thing to remember is that ‘Peeps’ can sometimes be confused with a popular Easter candy that goes by the same name. So, use it wisely to avoid any mix-up!

Example for using ‘Peeps’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up?

Not much, just chillin’. You?

Same here. Wanna hang out with some peeps later?

Sure, sounds good! Let’s meet at the park around 6?