What does Perf mean?

Perf: Perfect

‘Perf’ is a popular slang term, an abbreviation for the word “perfect”. It’s frequently used in text messages or online chats.

Think of it as a quicker, more fun way of saying ‘perfect’. It’s mainly used when you agree with something or someone’s suggestion, like a get-together plan or a meeting schedule.

By using ‘perf’ instead of ‘perfect’, you save a bit of time and energy. It’s three letters shorter to type and one syllable less to pronounce. So, next time, instead of typing out ‘perfect’, just go for ‘perf’.

And it’s not just for typing. Try saying it out loud. It’s a fun word to use in casual conversations as well. So, don’t just stick to typing it, make it a part of your speech as well.

Example for using ‘Perf’ in a conversation

Hey, can we hang out tomorrow?

Sure, what time works for you?

How about 5 pm?

Perf! See you then! πŸ˜„