What does Perm mean?


When you’re hanging out online, especially in forums or messaging apps like Discord, you might hear the term “perm”. This is a shortened version of the word “permission”. It’s commonly used when a user wants to do something specific, like post pictures or get into certain areas that are usually off-limits.

For instance, in a Discord chat, someone might say, “Can I get some image perms?”. That means they want the ability to post images in that chat. It’s a quick and easy way to ask for certain rights or privileges.

But it’s not just in casual chat that you’ll find ‘perm’. Even among IT experts, this term is pretty useful. Let’s say, an IT guy might ping his colleague, “I gave John perm to access the archives database, so you can mark the case as resolved.” This basically means that John now has the permission to access certain files or directories that he couldn’t before.

Example for using ‘Perm’ in a conversation

Hey, can you post the picture on our group chat?

Sorry, I don’t have the perms for that. Only admins can post images.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Can you ask an admin to give you the perms?

Sure, I’ll ask them. Hopefully, I’ll get the perms soon!