What does Pessimize mean?

To make something worse

Pessimize is a unique slang term that merges pessim- (from words like pessimistic and pessimist) with -ize, creating a word that means the exact opposite of optimize. While optimize is all about making things better or more efficient, pessimize is about making things worse or less efficient.

Usually, pessimize is not used in a positive sense since no one really sets out to make things worse. More often than not, it’s used to express disappointment or frustration. For instance, when a software update ends up causing more harm than good.

Suppose a new software update for Android smartphones ends up making them slower. In such a case, an annoyed user might vent on social media saying, “This new update has definitely pessimized my Android.” So, in essence, pessimize is a creative way to say that something has been made worse.

Example for using ‘Pessimize’ in a conversation

Hey, did you update your phone?

Yeah, I just did. Why?

Well, I think the new update pessimized my phone. It’s so slow now!

Oh no, that’s not good. Maybe they’ll fix it in the next update.