What does PF mean in Fantasy Football?

Points for

In the world of fantasy football, ‘PF’ is an acronym that corresponds to ‘points for’. This refers to the total points a team has managed to score. This number is a reflection of a team’s offensive strength and can be used in the event of a tie-breaker.

The PF stat is derived from the cumulative points amassed by all the starting players of a team throughout the season. This is a key indicator of a team’s performance and potential in the game.

There’s another similar acronym ‘PA’ which stands for ‘points against’. This represents the total points scored against the team by its opponents during the season. Both PF and PA are important stats that typically appear in the overview of standings in a Fantasy Football League (FFL).

Example for using ‘PF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the standings in our fantasy football league?

Yeah, I checked them out. My team’s PF is pretty high!

That’s awesome! PF is a good indicator of how well your offense is doing.

Definitely! It’s also used for tie-breaking, so it’s an important stat.