What does PGP stand for?

Preferred Gender Pronoun

Often, we refer to people as “he” or “she” based on whether they’re male or female. But what if someone doesn’t identify strictly as one of those? That’s where ‘PGP’ comes into play. It’s an acronym that stands for a person’s preferred pronoun, allowing everyone to be addressed in a way that respects their gender identity.

For instance, John might go by “he” or “him,” while Jane prefers “she” or “her.” But someone like Alex, who doesn’t identify as strictly male or female, might choose something entirely different. To ensure you’re being sensitive to Alex’s gender identity, you could ask for their ‘PGP’.

So, remember, ‘PGP’ is a simple, respectful way to ask someone how they prefer to be addressed. It’s a crucial part of making sure everyone feels seen, heard, and respected in their identities.

Example for using ‘PGP’ in a conversation

Hey! I noticed your profile says ‘they/them’. What’s your PGP? πŸ€”

Thanks for asking! My PGP is actually ‘ze/hir’. πŸ˜„

Got it! I’ll make sure to use the right pronouns when referring to you. Respect matters! πŸ‘

Absolutely! It means a lot to me. Thanks for understanding! 😊