Phantom Buzz

What does Phantom Buzz mean?

Imaginary cell phone vibration in your pocket

Ever felt your phone buzz, only to check it and find no new notifications? Phantom Buzz is when you feel your phone vibrating, but it isn’t. It’s a psychological phenomenon where your mind tricks you into thinking your phone is buzzing.

This often happens when you’re eagerly awaiting a message or a call. The anticipation keeps you on edge, making you hyper-aware of any potential phone vibrations. The result? You perceive a phantom buzz that isn’t really there.

So next time you feel a buzz but see no new messages or missed calls, remember it might just be a phantom buzz. Your mind is playing tricks on you, making you think your phone is vibrating when it’s not.

Example for using ‘Phantom Buzz’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my text?

No, I didn’t get any message from you.

That’s weird. I could’ve sworn I felt a Phantom Buzz.

Haha, you must be imagining things. It happens to me too sometimes!