What does Phobar stand for?

Photoshopped beyond all recognition

Ever seen a picture that has been tweaked to the point of being totally unrecognizable? That’s what Phobar is all about. It’s a slang term that takes inspiration from the FUBAR acronym.

Phobar is often used to mock glossy fashion magazines and the way they heavily edit their images. This goes especially for photos of women and fashion items, which are frequently altered to the point of being unrealistic.

The term Phobar is specifically connected to the use of Adobe Photoshop. It implies that a picture has been so excessively modified using this software, it’s hard to identify the original image.

So, next time you see an over-edited image, you’ll know what to call it. It’s not just photoshopped, it’s Phobar!

Example for using ‘Phobar’ in a conversation

OMG! Have you seen this picture of Jennifer Lawrence?

Yeah, it’s totally Phobar!