What does PIMP stand for?

Peeing in my pants

When you come across PIMP online, it’s a way of expressing that something is incredibly funny. It’s an even more intense version of LOL, used when something is not just mildly amusing, but truly hilarious.

You’ll often see PIMP used in online chats, text conversations, or on social media posts. It’s a reaction to something that really tickles your funny bone, like a laugh-out-loud meme or a fail video that has you in stitches.

For instance, your brother might send you a goofy photo of your niece, and your response could be PIMP. It’s a way of saying you found it more than just funny – it was side-splittingly hilarious.

Interestingly, PIMP can also be used in situations where you’re a bit scared and you pee a little out of fright. So if a buddy just gave you a jump scare or you watched a terrifying horror flick, you could use PIMP to describe your reaction.

Example for using ‘PIMP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat trying to catch a laser pointer?

OMG, yes! πŸ˜‚ That was hilarious!

I know, right?! PIMP! 🀣

I couldn’t stop laughing! PIMP for sure! 🀣🀣